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A Checklist for Sanity: Introduction (04:20)


Mark Salter introduces the topics discussed in his lecture ranging from social responsibility, biological fact, and societal values.

Diagnosis (05:19)

Diagnosis is defined as embracing a concept in its entirety. Medical professionals use diagnoses in order to communicate, re-allocate funds, reassure patients, and name diseases.

Defining a Disease (04:30)

Every patient has characteristic that they share with all other patients, only some patients or that are unique to them. Mark Salter differentiates between disease, disorder, and illness.

Historical Figures (08:06)

Salter explores the historical aspects of the medical field as they relate to diagnosis, disease, categorization, and treatment. Hippocrates was the father of real diagnosis.

Spectrum of Illness (03:43)

The brain is an organ with values, feelings, and ideas that can call to another person and elicit a reaction. A map of illnesses lies on a spectrum from hard factors to values. Separating disorder from biology is problematic and can be best understood if we think about an illness value and facts.

Mind Body Split (03:14)

Mental illnesses classifications such as the DSM-5 provide no information regarding an individual; rather, resources, time and energy are invested in big pharma.

Patient's Best Interest (05:36)

Focusing on biology and "pseudo facts" rather than caring for the person holistically demotes the value of resilience because the illness becomes a way of life.

Credits: A Checklist for Sanity (00:0-2101)

Credits: A Checklist for Sanity

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Have we reduced mental health diagnosis to a challenge for checklists? The speaker and consultant psychiatrist Mark Salter considers what to do when patients say "I tick all the boxes".

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