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Zhidan Soccer Hopeful (02:35)


A local coach has recruited Gao Bao Sen, 12. His family lives in a one room house and survives on $70 per month; his father is a casual worker. His parents hope sports will provide him with better opportunities.

Chinese Soccer Pioneer (02:18)

Ding Chao Bao has made Zhidan famous for producing quality players. He hopes China will improve its national performance, but focuses on using the sport to help children enjoy themselves. The government wants to establish 50,000 coaching schools by 2025.

Talent Spotting in China (02:27)

European football schools have been opening locations in China. Ding has brought German coaches to help train older students; Sebastian Rass explains his method of identifying promising young players. Students prefer watching European soccer matches to Chinese ones.

Jiangsu Suning (03:21)

In Nanjing, Australian soccer transplant Trent Sainsbury discusses adjusting to life in China. His team recently bought Inter Milan, part of a Chinese takeover of European football clubs.

Dream Matchup (03:51)

Jiangsu Suning will take on its rival Guangzhou Evergrande. Sports journalist Wu How says popularizing soccer will improve the national team's World Cup chances. Chinese authorities have limited foreign players in matches, but clubs continue recruiting managers like Marcello Lippi.

Chinese Children's Soccer Game (02:54)

Gao's parents and German coaches attend one of his matches. He hopes to become a professional player to help his family out of poverty.

Jiangsu Suning vs. Guangzhou Evergrande (06:45)

Sainsbury prepares for a game with his team's rival. Gao and Coach Ding have traveled to Nanjing for the match. Jiangsu Suning wins; Gao meets Sainsbury afterwards. Sainsbury is later transferred to Inter Milan.

Credits: The Big Goal (00:12)

Credits: The Big Goal

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China is executing a master plan to dominate world football, pumping billions of dollars into buying up foreign players, coaches and entire European clubs, and grooming new generations of its own young stars.

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