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Search and Compare (06:39)


Cross reference materials to validate whether a story is authentic; see examples of fake news stories. Images and videos taken out of context or doctored can be misleading; learn tips for identifying validity.

Check Your Bias (05:09)

Personal beliefs can cloud one's perception of the truth. Politics is the most common place to find media bias. Many websites have ads; visiting a site creates revenue. Be aware of confirmation bias; obtain other points of view.

Ask the Experts (03:57)

Ask an expert if you are unsure about the legitimacy of an article or news source. Fact checkers help distinguish whether trending topics are real news or sensationalism. Librarians can help you check validity.

Summary (05:57)

Review the topics about fake news discussed in this video and "Fake News: Part 1" including: checking the source, reading beyond the headlines, cross referencing, checking bias, and asking the experts.

Credits: Fake News: Part 2 (02:07)

Credits: Fake News: Part 2

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Fake News: Part 2

Part of the Series : How to Recognize Fake News
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Fake news is prevalent because it seems so real. But passing it along via social media is more than sharing. It lends credibility to untrustworthy sources. By explaining click baits, bias and information bubbles, this video helps viewers discern what’s real and what’s not. Startling examples of altered photos reveal the skills employed by fake newsmongers. Cross-referencing to determine objective news sources and sites is explained along with reverse image search and expert confirmation. This video will assist viewers in getting past the hype of fake news to discover the real story.

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