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Fake News History (04:02)


The internet allows people instant access to news and information, and the ability to share them quickly. Fake news has been occurring since the invention of the printing press and has considerable impact on society. Examples include: George Washington, slavery, anti-Catholicism, and Nazi propaganda.

Internet News (04:07)

Fake news may sometimes contain a small amount of truth; social media hosts the most fake news posts. Many news companies partner with technological organizations that in turn influence how members of the company write. An article in the Huffington Post identified common types of fake news.

Consider the Source (06:55)

Examining the source is the quickest way to validate a story. Learn how to validate a news site and sources. Reputable sites can be guilty of reporting fake news; legitimate news articles will cite sources.

Read Beyond the Headlines (06:22)

A study revealed that 59% of URLs mentioned on social media were never clicked; consider the impact of peer-to-peer shares. Fake news exploiters use provocative headlines and link to other sites. Social networks use algorithms to identify trending topics and can be a home for native advertising.

Credits: Fake News: Part 1 (01:20)

Credits: Fake News: Part 1

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Fake News: Part 1

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Fake news is more than a social media menace—it’s threatening critical thinking skills needed to develop information literacy. Combined with the impulse to share exciting, shocking and alarming stories, fake news is shaping—and distorting—perceptions, especially in younger demographics. In this video, viewers learn what drives fake news, how to spot it and how to de-bunk it. They’ll see how to distinguish between bias and accuracy, and opinion from fact. Vignettes that mimic online feeds and searches show how to detect completely false stories, slanted information, pure propaganda and misused data.  

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