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Surviving Child Abuse (03:19)


Michelle explains her traumatic childhood and teenage struggles. As a young child, she was sexually abused by her babysitter.

Going Blind at 16 (02:57)

At age 16, Michelle was diagnosed with a brain condition that would cause her to lose her sight. Her friends bullied and belittled her worth, leading her to attempt suicide.

Coping With Life (01:58)

Recovering at the hospital, Michelle opened up to a nurse about her struggles and abuse. The nurse helped Michelle share with her mother, who was accepting.

Living Independently (02:39)

Now studying at university, Michelle hopes to improve conditions for people with disabilities such as her own. She is able to live on her own and work a full time job, with help from a guide dog. Michelle describes overcoming her circumstances as a child and not letting them define her.

Michelle's Story: What Are Your Thoughts? (02:02)

Teens reflect on Michelle's story, sexual abuse, and the importance of reaching out for support. They discuss the difficulty of managing depression as a child.

Finding Support (03:03)

Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi and Ayla Khosroshahi describe how abuse and bullying isolate individuals who are suffering; in choosing to be vulnerable with the nurse, Michelle created an opportunity to break out of her isolation.

Lessons from Michelle's Story (01:10)

The real hardship Michelle faced as a teen was her lack of connection to others. When she let go of her secrets, she was able to get the help she needed. Even small acts of meanness and kindness can have big impacts on the wellbeing of others.

Credits: Don’t Diss my Abilities: Michelle’s Story (01:05)

Credits: Don’t Diss my Abilities: Michelle’s Story

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Don’t Diss my Abilities: Michelle’s Story

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As a child and teenager, Michelle endured a series of events that was nothing short of soul crushing. She faced sexual abuse as a child and kept it a secret over the years. At the age of sixteen she acquired a brain disease that rendered her blind. Her so-called friends bullied her at school. She fell into a deep depression and turned to drugs, alcohol and self-harm to numb her pain but nothing seemed to help. She felt her only option was suicide. Thankfully a miraculous turn of events saved her life and now this remarkable young woman faces all her adversity with such positive energy that it’s become infectious and humbling to all that know and love her.

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