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Introduction—Order and Disorder: Disorder (02:40)


People have created numerous ways to harness energy and bring order to the world. Scientists are only starting to understand the invisible order of the universe.

What is Information? (05:48)

Though information is everywhere, it is a difficult concept to understand. Scientists have been trying to understand it since the written word was invented.

Early Technology (08:01)

Written word was the only way to store information for many years. During the Industrial Revolution, advancements were made that eventually led to modern technology.

Electric Communication (06:42)

Before telecommunication, information could only be sent as fast as an object could move. The discovery of electricity made way for electric communication, such as the telegraph.

Nature of Information (06:21)

Physicist James Clerk Maxwell tried to understand the nature of information. He created a thought experiment using the principles of thermodynamics.

Alan Turing (07:50)

Turing is credited with creating the modern computer. He published a paper about mathematical logic and calculation in 1936.

Computing Machines (03:39)

Turing's idea showed that a machine could perform any task if it was given a set of instructions. The concept is used in all modern technology.

Claude Shannon (07:03)

Shannon wrote a paper about the mathematical theory of communication. It made the modern communication network possible and gave insight into human communication.

Information Theory (07:24)

Shannon made the concept of information tangible. The amount of information in nature greatly outweighs all human-created information. Information is an important part of the physical world.

Information and Physics (03:04)

Information is carried by something, so it must obey the laws of physics. Scientists are researching new ways to store information.

Credits: Order and Disorder: Disorder (00:44)

Credits: Order and Disorder: Disorder

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In the second program, Jim Al-Khalili discovers how we harnessed the power of symbols—everything from the first alphabet to the electric telegraph through to the modern digital age. But on this journey he learns that information isn't just about human communication, it's woven very profoundly into the fabric of reality…

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