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Introduction—Everything and Nothing: Nothing (03:07)


Physicist Jim Al-Khalili explains the difficulty of finding nothingness. The universe and much of the planet is filled with nothing.

Empty Space (07:34)

For 1,000 years, ristotle was responsible for the understanding of empty space. He thought nature would always try to stop the creation of empty space; people believed it was impossible.

Properties of Nothingness (09:46)

After Pascal and Torricelli created nothingness on Earth, scientists wanted to know what its properties were. They conducted experiments with numerous items in a vacuum. The vacuum prohibited sound waves but still allowed light waves.

Light in Empty Space (05:10)

Light always travels at the same speed and is not carried on aether as scientists once thought. After it was proven that light could travel through a vacuum, it started to have numerous participial uses in society.

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (06:45)

At a fundamental level, nature is based on uncertainty. Al-Khalili uses a non-mathematical analogy to explain the essence of the uncertainty principle.

Paul Dirac (09:30)

Dirac had a geometrical view of physics. He applied quantum physics and special relativity to the electron and described it mathematically.

Anti-Matter (04:41)

Dirac's equations seemed to show there was another type of particle that had yet to be discovered. He called it an anti-electron, meaning that all matter had anti-matter.

Willis Lamb's Experiment (04:07)

Lamb created an experiment to study how parts of an atom react in a vacuum. A laser can detect movement in an electron, which would not happen if the vacuum was truly filled with nothing.

Creation of the Universe (08:07)

Today's theories suggest that the universe initially expanded rapidly. When it was created, it was smaller than the size of a single atom and followed the rules of quantum physics. Experts explain the image of the first light that was released after the Big Bang.

Credits: Everything and Nothing: Nothing (00:45)

Credits: Everything and Nothing: Nothing

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Part two of the series Everything and Nothing deals with science at the very limits of human perception, where the deepest mysteries of the universe lie. Professor Al-Khalili sets out to answer one very simple question: What is nothing? His journey ends with perhaps the most profound insight about reality that humanity has made. Everything came from nothing.

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