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Gravity Free (03:14)


Chris Hadfield talks about his experience with zero gravity. He spent five months on the International Space Station.

Law of Physics (05:36)

Newton's laws of physics led to numerous scientific breakthroughs. Albert Einstein started performing experiments when he thought something was missing from Newton's equation. The lack of acceleration while falling is called Einstein's principle of equivalence.

Spacetime (07:22)

Newton said that space and time were fixed and independent, but Einstein said they are interconnected in spacetime. Einstein believed matter curves space and time around it.

Tracking Age (02:42)

Jim Al-Khalili is developing a smartphone app that can track how gravity affects how aging using GPS. He uses Einstein's principle that times passes differently depending on gravity.

Black Holes (02:52)

Black holes are collapsed stars that have such strong gravity, light cannot escape. The effects of black holes have been felt on Earth through gravity. The wave created by two black holes colliding reached Earth in 2015.

Gravitational Waves (08:39)

Scientists at a lab in New Orleans noticed waves from black holes colliding. LIGO, in Louisiana, uses lasers and mirrors to study gravitational waves. New technologies and discoveries made studying space more advanced.

Time Warper (07:56)

Al-Khalili launched his smartphone app to better understand how gravity affects aging. He explains what went wrong in his equations that made the data incorrect. He reviews data collected from the corrected app.

Time Dilation (04:43)

AL-Khalili talks about his findings and how small the differences in time dilation are. He says its relation to gravity makes the findings worth it.

Credits: The Amazing World of Gravity: Part 2 (00:48)

Credits: The Amazing World of Gravity: Part 2

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The second episode will show how gravity varies across the Earth’s surface. A travelling Gravity Roadshow of scientists and volunteers will cross the UK, measuring gravity using highly accurate scales as they go, to see how the force of gravity varies across the UK. This will allow us to reveal in the show the place in Britain where, according to the laws of physics, you weigh the least.

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