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Protests at UConn (06:00)


In 1966, the University of Connecticut campus erupted in protests about on-campus recruiting by DOW, a company that makes napalm. Students protested other companies and overtook the president's mansion. Later that year, a student group works for a moratorium on on-campus recruiting.

President's Decision (09:08)

UConn governmental bodies fail to reach an agreement about on-campus recruiting. Students for a Democratic Society members work to set up a peaceful protest if the next day of on-campus recruiting happens. President Homer Babbidge makes an announcement to students.

The Protest (06:51)

On-campus recruiting interviews go ahead as scheduled and students gather for the protest. Police officers declare the protest a riot and start to arrest protesters for breach of the peace.

SDS Picketing (09:30)

To avoid arrest, SDS members leave the protest area and gather elsewhere. Different student groups call out Babbidge, express disappointment about their treatment, and criticize the non-agreement among students. Babbidge meets with his advisers about the day's events.

The Other Side (05:55)

Other students rally against the SDS for interrupting classes, cutting off career opportunities, and misrepresenting student opinions. SDS discusses what to do about a member being suspended and decide on a student strike.

Strike Day (08:42)

Members of SDS start the student strike and address classes to explain their actions. One member explains their treatment and how they are mistaken for communist. SDS members face hostility from other students.

Strike Collapse (07:44)

On the ninth day of the revolution, the strike collapses. SDS members discuss what to do for the future of the movement. UConn students go on Christmas break and parents react to the protests.

Aftermath (03:12)

The Board of Trustees talk about the 10 days of student rebellion on campus. Babbidge is congratulated for this efforts and handling of the situation. The protests and arrests have continued. Multiple faculty members have been let go.

Credits: Diary of a Student Revolution (01:17)

Credits: Diary of a Student Revolution

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This program reveals the views and actions of two opponents: The radical student group staging a protest over the issue of on-campus industrial recruitment and the college president. A film crew follows the student group and the president throughout the 10-day demonstration.

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