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Front Lines: Introduction (04:20)


Ian Pannell travels to Syria to witness the battle against ISIS. The civil war during Bashar al-Assad's reign allowed the Islamic extremists to infiltrate Raqqa. Children die and daughters swear to avenge their parent's deaths.

Defending Raqqa (05:51)

Sozdar Bawer joined an all-female unit after high school to fight ISIS. Soldiers must zigzag across the streets to avoid snipers. "Christian" and Macer Howard volunteer in an international group trying to eradicate ISIS.

Refugee Crisis (03:17)

Refugees escaping ISIS forces come to a camp outside of Raqqa for aid. If captured by al-Assad's regime, civilians are sent to Saydnaya Prison. Critics argue that U.S. led aircraft assaults have killed thousands of innocent civilians.

ISIS Brides (03:37)

Nadia explains why she left Germany to marry an ISIS soldier; she never witnessed brutality because her husband kept her at home. Bawer died in Raqqa hours after ABC's interview. Byron Pitts concludes the episode of "Nightline."

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War on ISIS: Retaking Raqqa

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On this episode of Nightline, ABC's senior foreign correspondent Ian Pannell interviews volunteer soldiers fighting against ISIS in Raqqa and refugees desperate to escape. 

Length: 18 minutes

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