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Yang Jiechi Interview (02:36)


Betty Liu interviews former U.S. ambassador and current foreign policy negotiator Yang Jiechi about President Xi Jinping's goals for an upcoming U.S. visit He will address the future of the U.S./China relationship.

Finding Common Ground (01:49)

Public opinion polls show 54% of Americans mistrust China. Jiechi believes American society is aware of the importance of improving the U.S./China relationship but acknowledges that no relationship is without tension.

Chinese Economy (03:15)

China recently devalued the renminbi, impacting global stock markets. Jiechi emphasizes the importance of coordinating Chinese and American macro-level policies. Supply and demand determine RNB value; China will implement market and financial reforms promoting international trade and investment.

Devaluing the RMB (02:38)

Jiechi discusses China's decision to devalue the renminbi, which had global consequences. Other large economies also impact the financial market; China's growth is at 7%.

Cyber Spying Issue (02:24)

Jiechi advocates working with the U.S. to establish international cyber security rules. China has been targeted by hackers, and its government has a zero tolerance policy for hacking.

South China Sea Tensions (03:51)

Jiechi says China has not been reclaiming regional land, but constructing on islands and reefs in Chinese territory. Foreign military installments justify defense facilities. After signing the Declaration of Conduct, the Philippines should resolve complaints with China directly.

Perceived Military Aggression (03:00)

The 70th anniversary of the Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese fascism was for historical purposes and to promote peace. Jiechi says defensive forces are necessary for national security.

U.S. Presidential Elections (02:23)

Jiechi believes the overall trend toward economic development will outweigh any negative rhetoric about China by candidates like Donald Trump.

Future of China-U.S. Relationship (02:19)

In a year, Jiechi hopes President Xi Jinping's visit will have been successful at furthering economic cooperation. He expresses concerns at maintaining diplomacy in the information age and promoting solutions to climate change, energy challenges, and terrorism.

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Betty Liu sits down with Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi in Beijing for a wide-ranging interview ahead of President Xi Jinping's trip to the United States. They speak about the most pressing issues between the US and China from cyber spying to the most recent market turmoil.

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