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History of Pepsi (02:14)


This segment covers a brief history of PepsiCo, from its beginnings as "Brad's Drink" to its acquisitions of Frito-Lay and Quaker. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has been with the company for 20 years.

Interview with Indra Nooyi (06:16)

Nooyi talks research and development at PepsiCo, and how new food and beverage products are created. Nooyi reflects on negotiating with shareholders and her confidence that PepsiCo represents an ideal food and beverage conglomerate.

Sports Science of Gatorade (03:00)

Global Senior Director Asker Jeukendrup explains the mission and methods of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. By measuring the sweat of athletes, Jeukendrup can determine what molecules Gatorade should provide for top performance.

Turning Insight Into Products (04:30)

Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mehmood Khan explains how research at facilities like the Gatorade Sports Science Institute is applied across a range of PepsiCo products. Nooyi describes the context in which she hired Khan to lead PepsiCo's research team. Khan wants to excite all five senses by using science to engage customers.

Flavor and Health Innovation (06:14)

Corporate Executive Chef Stephen Kalil introduces culinology and how it is applied at PepsiCo's culinary innovation center. Senior VP of Long Term Research Greg Yep explains how PepsiCo researches new ingredients for possible snack and chip production.

Reflecting on PepsiCo (01:26)

Nooyi explains how PepsiCo's corporate structure allows the company to balance long term research with short term returns. Attracting and keeping talented employees is worth the cost of maintaining three headquarters.

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