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PayPal Goes Mobile (06:10)


PayPal is a digital payment processor, expanding into all forms of electronic payment, including the growing mobile market. IDC Chief Research Officer Crawford Del Prete and Director of Research at Bloomberg Industries Paul Sweeney discuss the challenges ahead of PayPal as the company vies for space in a competitive market. PayPal President and CEO Dan Schulman describe some of the ways PayPal intends to provide value in a crowded market.

PayPal in the International Market (03:36)

PayPal General Counsel Louise Pentland and Sweeney explain that despite the operational hurdles of expanding internationally, emerging markets offer the best growth opportunities for payment service companies. Schulman reflects on the difficulties facing individuals wishing to move money internationally, and describes PayPal's goal of simplifying that process. Del Prete and Ferguson discuss the broad reach of payment services, and potential for full digitization, while a Greek start up founder laments the restrictions digital payments still have.

Payment Services: Competition and Security (03:02)

As large companies such as Apple and Google make inroads to the payments market, Sweeney and Del Prete reflect on PayPal's trusted brand advantage as a secure service. PayPal Chief Risk Officer Tomer Barel is confident in the company's cybersecurity, which has prevented a major security breach since the company was founded, as elaborated by cybersecurity reporter Jordan Robertson. PayPal Chief Techonology Officer James Barrese describes the steps PayPal has taken to protect itself.

PayPal as an Independent Company (08:31)

Schulman describes the advantages of becoming an independent company for PayPal, and how PayPal's unique position of being solely a payments service allows the company to partner rather than compete. Schulman reflects on investor relations, and expresses confidence in PayPal's future as an independent company. Conversely, Schulman discusses PayPal's acquisitions and responds to criticism of innovation through acquisition.

PayPal's Stability for the Future (01:18)

PayPal Chairman John Donahoe explains the difficulties of the payments business. Donahoe believes that PayPal has developed the tools to defend its position at the top of the payments market, providing groundwork for their partners to drive revenue.

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