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Inside McDonald's: Introduction (02:07)


The first McDonald's opened in Illinois in 1955; today there are 34,000 restaurants around the world. The company employs more individuals than the four branches of the U.S. armed forces combined; one out of every eight Americans has worked in a McDonald's.

Opportunity in McDonald's Careers (03:03)

McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson describes McDonald's culture of promoting from within. He addresses criticism about wages and emphasizes the company's value as an entry level job with upward mobility.

Developing Menu Items (03:06)

Lead Food Scientist Deb McDaniel describes the process of developing new McDonald's menu items. She relates the lessons of failed and successful menu additions. Between conception, testing, supply, and marketing, new menu items can take up to four years to reach customer plates.

"Real Food" of McDonald's (05:24)

Thompson reflects on missed opportunities to introduce local menu items to the international market. He pushes back against the idea that McDonald's food is not "real" and emphasizes the authenticity of their products. Thompson posits that it is not the quality of McDonald's food that may be unhealthy, but the individual choices in diet and exercise that costumers make.

Hamburger University (03:39)

At Hamburger University, McDonald's employees learn to prepare food and operate a successful business. Professor Rochelle Tandy explains some of the skills students learn. Thompson describes the benefits of ongoing education for employees.

McDonald's in Markets Home and Abroad (04:23)

Thompson discusses McDonald's recovery in foreign markets following the recession and the impact of avian disease on Asian markets. Answering concerns of business skeptics, he posits that McDonald's continues to build revenue despite its size.

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It's the biggest restaurant chain in the world, feeding 69 million people a day. The food is fast, but what McDonald's serves up takes years to make. Bloomberg TV goes inside the golden arches to find out what's in the secret sauce, and how a restaurant built on burgers and fries stays competitive in a world of changing appetites.

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