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History of Lego (05:45)


Recovering from a company that was losing millions every day, Lego turned around to lead the toymaking industry. Heritage manager Kristian Reimer Hauge tours the house of Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen.

Lego's Big Turnaround (04:18)

Niels Lunde explains that Lego nearly went bust because it did not understand its core business. Lego's owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen appointed Jorgen Vig Knudstorp as CEO to address the company's lack of discipline. Knudstorp describes the steps he took to refocus the company.

Engaging the Community (03:42)

Adult fans of Lego relate how Lego reversed a trend of secrecy to encourage and solicit community input. After consulting with fans and retailers, Knudstorp determined Lego's core strength.

Creating the Lego (05:46)

A Lego factory product line packages 1,400 boxes each hour; follow the manufacturing process from start to finish. Lego's massive growth propelled the Kristiansen family into billions of dollars in wealth. Hague explains how focus groups were used to introduce new products for young girls.

Expanding into Global Markets (01:36)

Knudstorp explains Lego's strategy of establishing manufacturing hubs across the globe. He reflects on Lego's journey from struggle to success with a poem. (Credits)

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LEGO, the company known by kids and parents alike for its colorful building bricks, is hugely successful. Over the last four years, it has enjoyed double digit growth. Just ten years ago, the company was losing nearly a million dollars a day. Bloomberg traveled to the company’s headquarters in Denmark to get a glimpse into LEGO’s history, its production, its fans, the LEGO family billionaires, and the young boss who rebuilt one of the world’s most loved toy companies.

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