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History of Johnson & Johnson (01:42)


Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886, producing medicine patches. Johnson & Johnson has since invented many healthcare products, and is now the largest healthcare company in the world. When Johnson & Johnson was plagued by recalls, it brought in Sandi Peterson to stabilize the company.

Fixing Johnson & Johnson (04:28)

Worldwide Chairman Sandi Peterson, hired at Johnson & Johnson for her reputation of fixing problems, describes how she addressed recalls by integrating global factory standards. Portfolio manager Jason Subotky explains the challenges facing a company as large as Johnson & Johnson.

Healthcare Innovation and Emerging Markets (02:23)

Principal Scientist Tara Fourre explains that Johnson & Johnson labs are constantly tinkering with the Listerine formula, despite dominating the market. Senior Director of Scientific Affairs Marcelo Araujo says that Johnson & Johnson is focusing on emerging global markets, with regional varieties of Listerine being an important spearhead.

Incubating Pharmaceutical Development (03:23)

Johnson & Johnson hosts many independent biotech startups at its "incubator" in California. Global Head of Innovation Diego Miralles explains why startups are given access to high tech equipment with no strings attached to drive research. Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels anticipates the success of this project, while Subotky offers an economic appraisal of the strategy.

Developing a Diversified Company (09:58)

Reflecting on the rapid growth of its pharmaceutical business, Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky emphasizes that Johnson & Johnson finds success in focusing on long-term prospects, good science, and the well-being of its consumers. Gorsky emphasizes the importance of safety standards in restoring consumer trust in the brand, and the benefits of a diversified business model.

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