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Rise of Chipotle (02:14)


Chipotle founder Steve Ells introduces his company and his motivation for starting it. Originally a stepping stone enterprise, Chipotle became a massive success.

Chipotle Goes Independent (05:45)

After splitting from McDonald's in 2006, Chipotle became wildly successful on the stock market. Credited with creating the "fast casual" industry, Co-CEOs Ells and Monty Moran discuss their values-centric approach.

People Culture of Chipotle (06:43)

Ells and Moran tour a Chipotle restaurant in search of talent for their next elite manager. Investors discuss the unusually high value of Chipotle stock, while Ells and Moran explain why they are unconcerned.

Unconventional Marketing (03:40)

Chipotle hosts the Cultivate Festival in an unconventional approach to marketing. CMO Mark Crumpacker explains his advertising projects and philosophy.

Expanding the Chipotle Model (03:43)

Crumpacker and Ells explain the advantages of Chipotle's marketing scheme, and weigh the benefits of keeping its menu simple. Ells introduces his new restaurant ShopHouse, and envisions the future of the company.

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Chipotle is a company that broke all the fast food rules, turning a small eatery into an 11-billion-dollar, 14 thousand store chain. Bloomberg television takes you behind the counter to see how this company keep customers lining up.

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