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Fracking in Midland, Texas (03:05)


Chevron CEO John Watson explains how and why the company has cut spending. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have changed the oil industry. An illustration shows how fracking works.

Permian Basin (02:49)

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister compares how small and large companies have fared in the shale revolution. Watson comments on Chevron's new development in the area.

Fracking Challenges (02:36)

Hofmeister explains the logistical difficulties of shale drilling. Chevron integration manager Jason Groves and Hofmeister discuss the scale and complications of offshore drilling.

History of Chevron (05:12)

This segment overviews the history of the Standard Oil Company's rise and decline into many companies, including Chevron. Watson describes Chevron's unique strategy compared to its competitors.

Developing Markets (08:50)

Watson explains how and why Chevron is investing in natural gas in Australia. Site directors Roy Krzywosinski and Chris Miller tour local natural gas projects. Watson and Hofmeister consider the financial and ecological challenges of Chevron's investments.

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Erik Schatzker takes viewers around the globe to Chevron's mega-projects and inside the company's strategy. Despite the emergence of alternative energy sources, the oil giant is investing billions in fossil fuel for generations to come.

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