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Steve Jobs: Early Years (01:59)


Jobs grew up in San Francisco during the 1960s cultural revolution. He dropped out of Reed College and started Apple in the garage of his family home with Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs: Apple Startup (02:35)

Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the popular Apple II computer with funding from angel investor Mike Markkula. Jobs was inspired by the graphical user interface pioneered at Xerox Park research center.

Steve Jobs: Macintosh Launches (03:24)

A much-hyped launch for Macintosh computers did not translate to profit. Although he was the largest shareholder, Jobs’ position was scrutinized due to his attitude and the Mac’s poor sales.

Steve Jobs: Ousted from Apple (03:34)

In 1985, Jobs created exquisite software for a new operating system at Next. After Jobs left Apple he felt personally and creatively fulfilled.

Steve Jobs: Pixar and Return (03:37)

Jobs became a billionaire after Pixar’s Toy Story debuted. In 1997, Jobs returned to Apple as interim CEO after selling Next’s operating system for $400 million.

Steve Jobs: Apple Success (03:07)

iMac was the best-selling computer in America, marketed with Ken Segall’s “Think Different” campaign. In 2001, Jobs changed the music industry with iPod and the companion program iTunes.

Steve Jobs: Legacy (05:54)

Jobs revolutionized the personal computing world and is remembered as a visionary. After battling pancreatic cancer for seven years, Jobs passed away in his home in 2011.

Credits: Steve Jobs (00:37)

Credits: Steve Jobs

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