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Brin and Page: Early Years (03:21)


Sergey Brin’s parents were Jewish mathematicians who immigrated to the United States when Brin was a child. Larry Page’s parents were computer scientists in Michigan.

Brin and Page: Discovering Google (02:36)

Brin and Page met in their PhD program at Stanford. They started Google after discovering a way to rank websites inside of a search engine.

Brin and Page: Funding Google (02:42)

With investments from Ram Shriramm and Jeff Bezos, Brin and Page were able to start Google. They declined an exclusive deal with competing venture capitalists.

Brin and Page: Adwords (02:40)

Originally hesitant to accept advertising, Brin and Page created small ads in the margins of Google's user interface. Businesses connected with customers already searching for their products.

Brin and Page: Billionaires (03:40)

After pressure from investors, Brin and Page hired Eric Schmidt as CEO. In 2004 Google back a publicly traded company.

Brin and Page: Google in China (02:48)

Ads keyed to email content concerned Gmail users. Google tried expanding into China but was cyber-attacked, they believe, by users attempting to disrupt human rights activism.

Brin and Page: Competition (03:40)

After a series of profitable acquisitions, Google launched products that directly compete with Microsoft. Steve Jobs has criticized Google for entering the mobile phone market.

Brin and Page: New Products (03:03)

Google has embarked on Street View, attempting to photograph every neighborhood in the world. Page became CEO one year prior to Google earning $50 billion in revenue, in 2012.

Credits: Google Sergey Brin Larry Page (00:37)

Credits: Google Sergey Brin Larry Page

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This program follows Sergey Brin and Larry Page from their first meeting at Stanford to the new media mega-company on a collision course with the old media businesses of newspapers, books, movies and television. Along the way to its astounding success, the co-founders have redefined advertising, created a chain of products such as Google Maps, News, Gmail, and taken on rival giants like Apple and Microsoft.

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