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Larry Ellison: Early Years (02:49)


Ellison is a thrill-seeker and the creator of Oracle software used by governments, internet businesses, and credit card companies. Ellison grew up in Chicago and dropped out of college twice before relocating to California.

Larry Ellison: Early Career (03:30)

After working on foreign intelligence storage for the CIA at Ampex, Ellison started his own company with Bob Miner. Ellison was talented but impatient.

Larry Ellison: Creating Oracle (03:10)

Ellison ruthlessly sold his product, inspired by his understanding of Japanese business strategy. Oracle went public in 1986, making Ellison a multi-millionaire.

Larry Ellison: Oracle’s Near-Death Experience (03:11)

The early 1990s aggressive and unregulated sales practices failed the company and Ellison personally lost 790 million dollars. Ellison hired Ray Lane to bring operational discipline and launched the superior Oracle 7.

Larry Ellison: Consumer Device Market (04:10)

Ellison was desperate to surpass Bill Gates in wealth and status. Ellison’s Network Computer (NC) failed due to falling PC prices, but his database technology is considered brilliant.

Larry Ellison: Mergers and Acquisitions (03:17)

After Ray Lane’s departure, Ellison spent 34 billion dollars acquiring 52 companies, including PeopleSoft. Ellison describes Oracle as the Number 2 provider of software products.

Larry Ellison: Success and Controversy (03:16)

In 2010, Ellison won the Americas Cup sailboat race with a Trimaran. Ellison hired Mark Herd of Hewlett Packard despite allegations of sexual harassment and mismanagement.

Credits: Larry Ellison (00:24)

Credits: Larry Ellison

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