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Craig Newmark: From Email to Craigslist (03:30)


In 1995, Newmark created a website allowing community members in San Francisco to post events. Craigslist grew to over 100 million users, but Newmark turned down Microsoft’s offer to advertise on the site.

Craig Newmark: Early Years (02:36)

Newmark attending Case Western Reserve on a scholarship, and went on to work at IBM for 17 years. Understanding his limited managerial skill, Newmark demoted himself to customer service at his own company.

Craig Newmark: Beholden to eBay (02:08)

Newmark gave away 28 percent of Craigslist’s market shares to employee Philip Nolton. Nolton sold the shares to eBay for 16 million dollars, but Newmark and CEO Buckmaster refused to sell their company.

Craig Newmark: Craigslist Controversy (03:45)

Free classifieds have negatively impacted newspapers, but Craigslist is not exclusively to blame. Although the site has facilitated crimes including murder, there is a low crime rate considering the high volume of traffic.

Criag Newmark: eBay Battle (03:17)

In 2007 eBay launched Kijiji, a competitor site to Craigslist. Newmark and Jeff Buckmaster responded by removing eBay from their board, resulting in a lawsuit

Craig Newmark: Erotic Services (05:54)

Acquiescing to pressure from the public and law enforcement, Craigslist took down their adult services section. Human rights groups and reporters continually raised concerns over sex trafficking and underage exploitation on the site.

Craig Newmark: Values (02:00)

Newmark spends his time volunteering for non-profits devoted to media and government transparency. Newmark lives simply, and subscribes to what he calls, “nerd values.”

Credits: Craig Newmark (00:30)

Credits: Craig Newmark

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Bloomberg Game Changers profiles Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. This program features interviews with Newmark; David Vinjamuri, author of “Accidental Branding”; Christina Murphy, founder of CM Recruiting; Mark Rasch of Secure IT Experts; Peter Zollman, founder of AIM Group; Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Pew Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism; Matt Zimmerman, senior staff attorney for Electronic Frontier Foundation; and Brad Stone, senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek.

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