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Jeff Bezos: Early Years (02:03)


Born in Albuquerque, Bezos taught himself computer programming and entrepreneurship while still in grade school. Bezos earned degrees from Princeton in electrical engineering and computer science, graduating with high honors.

Jeff Bezos: Starting (02:50)

First employed at a hedge fund, Bezos took his background in technology and finance to Bellevue, Washington in 1994. The online bookstore headquartered in his garage was called

Jeff Bezos: Attention to Detail (02:29)

In two years sold $15.7 million benefitting from Bezos’ understanding of growth and distribution. The online retailer provided tax-free shopping and discounted merchandise.

Jeff Bezos: Going Public (02:08)

Profits were invested in software, expansion, and improvements to the user experience. In 1997 became a publicly traded company.

Jeff Bezos: Dot Com Crash (02:37)

By 1999 Bezos had hired 7,000 employees and was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. After the 2000 economic downturn, one-third of was laid off.

Jeff Bezos: Growth and Exploration (03:10)

By partnering with traditional retailers and acquiring competitors rebounded in 2002. Bezos’ project BlueOrigin develops rockets for human space travel.

Jeff Bezos: E-Books (05:29)

Amazon’s Kindle has devastated brick-and-mortar booksellers like Barnes and Noble, while creating a platform for self-published e-books. Tony Hsieh of Zappos made a deal with Bezos, avoiding corporate acquisition.

Jeff Bezos: Product Expansion (02:31)

Amazon products compete with Google, Netflix, and iTunes. The online retailer must charge sales tax in some states.

Credits: Jeff Bezos (00:42)

Credits: Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos didn’t just invent online shopping; he almost single-handedly turned it into a 34-billion-dollar enterprise. With the launch of in 1994, Bezos put online shopping on the map, and has sold every product imaginable since the company’s inception. Amazon began as a bookstore, expanding into dozens of product categories and forcing the world’s biggest retailers to rethink their business models, ultimately changing the way people shop. An inventive risk-taker, Bezos has never shied away from challenges, investing huge amounts of capital in his ventures, often taking a hit before seeing profits soar. Bezos is ranked one of the richest men in the world. In 2011, Forbes Magazine estimated his worth at $18.1 billion. Interviews include former Amazon employees James Marcus and Eric Best, tech entrepreneur Esther Dyson, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, Wired Magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, and ex-Harper Collins CEO Jane Friedman.

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