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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (05:29)


Technology is combining and creating differences in daily life and the workforce. It has created a fourth Industrial Revolution, which could be more disruption than the others.

Implications of Artificial Intelligence (10:22)

Author Martin Ford talks about how over time AI technology will replace most jobs, leading to high rates of unemployment. AI technology has reached the point of machine learning.

AI Technology in Healthcare (06:36)

AI technology is being used in Healthcare to make it more efficient. IBM's Watson is assisting doctors to help detect diseases through its connection to big data.

Credits: March of the Machines: The AI Revolution (00:32)

Credits: March of the Machines: The AI Revolution

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March of the Machines: The AI Revolution

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This show asks, how will the AI revolution change the world? Part 1 features Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg Tech Reporter, Mike McDonough, Global Chief Economist at Bloomberg Intelligence, and Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science at Bloomberg. Part 2 features Martin Ford, author of "Rise of the Robots". Part 3 examines how AI could soon be changing healthcare.

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