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Urbanization (04:39)


For the first time, more people live in urban versus rural areas. Cities make up more than half of the global economy. The growth of cities is increasing in the developing world.

Managing Cities (08:32)

Urban activist Alessandra Orofino talks about the problems created by large cities and what needs to be done to keep them manageable. Bridging the economic inequality within cities can help them succeed.

Problems in Expanding Cities (09:16)

The population of Lagos has nearly doubled in 10 years. The massive expansion has caused numerous problems for the city. The issues can be found in other expanding cities throughout the world.

Credits: Growing Pains: Managing Megacities (00:30)

Credits: Growing Pains: Managing Megacities

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Growing Pains: Managing Megacities

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How can we harness the economic potential of megacities? In part 1, Bloomberg experts featured are James Hertling of Bloomberg News, and Mike McDonough, Global Chief Economist of Bloomberg Intelligence. Part 2 features urban activist Alessandra Orofino, who's based in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Part 3 examines the urban environment in Lagos, Nigeria, and features the floating village of Makoko and the EkoAtlantic project.

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