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Demographics (05:15)


Demographics influence the global economy. The number of working and consuming aged citizens create the economic viability of a country. When the population ages, there are more consumers and fewer workers.

Demographic shifts (10:01)

Economist Stephen Chan talks about the need for people to move around the world to stimulate the economy. Demographic shifts affect the economy and culture of countries, such as China and Japan.

Population Crisis in Europe (07:02)

Germany is Europe's largest economy and has the highest number of residents over 65 in the European Union. Companies have started to make changes to deal with an aging work force. Italy is offering benefits to cities for taking in migrants to stimulate the working population.

Credits: To Live Long and Prosper: The Demographic Timebomb (00:29)

Credits: To Live Long and Prosper: The Demographic Timebomb

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To Live Long and Prosper: The Demographic Timebomb

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How will some of the world's biggest economies cope with rapidly ageing populations? Part 1 features Bloomberg experts Jamie Murray,Chief Economist EMEA of Bloomberg Intelligence and BI Chief global economist Mike McDonough. Part 2 features author, diplomat and academic Professor Stephen Chan. Part 3 looks at how the German car industry is adapting to cater for elderly workers and travels to Southern Italy to examine big demographic movements there.

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