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Fossil Fuels (04:58)


Fossil fuels helped build modern society, but policy makers are starting to worry about the environmental effects. Experts weigh in on the political, social, and financial implementations of moving away from fossil fuels.

Clean Energy Disruption (10:26)

Renewable energy expert Tony Seba talks about technology disruptions and how it relates to clean energy sources. The technological achievements in lithium batteries can help solve the storage issue with clean energy sources. Thanks to incentives, solar is the leading clean energy source.

Changes in Energy (07:01)

Morocco is working to build the largest solar power plant in the world. The plant uses a new technology to process solar energy when the sun is down. Rethaka is a South African startup that provides backpacks with solar chargers to students. Changes in the energy industry are making it easier for smaller companies and markets to have an impact.

Credits: The Energy to Change: A Sustainable World (00:31)

Credits: The Energy to Change: A Sustainable World

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The Energy to Change: A Sustainable World

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How do we power a sustainable world? Bloomberg experts featured in part 1 include Seb Henbest and Jenny Chase of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Part 2 features academic Tony Seba, author of "Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation". Part 3 features the world's largest solar plant in Morocco, which will supply energy for millions and shows how technology is harnessing the sun's energy 24/7. It also features a start up in South Africa that is using recycled plastic bags to create solar backpacks for schoolchildren.

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