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London Attracts Middle Easter Buyers (02:09)


Potential buyers seek Sharia-compliant property and Islamic financing. Property is "Sharia-compliant" when there is tangible activity at the site for constructive purposes. Gulf investors seek assets that have long-term income such as rental payments.

Quest for London's High-end Properties (02:22)

Gulf Arab investors comprise a significant portion of foreign buyers. London welcomes overseas buyers and is perceived as a safe haven to store wealth in the form of property.

Sharia-Compliant Package Deals (04:06)

In response to Gulf investors, U.K. real estate companies locate commercial properties and package them as Sharia-compliant. Gulf investors are looking for opportunities to invest in luxurious buildings that house high-end business lines. After purchase, investors seek tenants who do not compromise Sharia guidelines.

Islamic Home Mortgages (04:50)

Home buyers partner with an Islamic bank to purchase a portion of an interest-free home, lease the portion they do not own, and make extra payments to own a greater portion. Islamic financing shelters residential buyers from economic fluctuations and dubious bank practices; Islamic mortgage is more expensive. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: The Sharia Property Boom (00:37)

Credits: The Sharia Property Boom

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The Sharia Property Boom

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London’s property market is fueling Islamic financing. From London’s latest iconic landmark, the Shard, to regular family homes, real estate is one of the preferred options for Sharia-compliant funding. From Islamic mortgages to Islamic property funds, the market is growing quickly and is attracting the interest of non-Muslims. Interviews with Gatehouse Bank CEO Richard Thomas, 90 North CEO James Caan, IBB CEO Sultan Choudhury, Savill’s Yolande Barnes, and John Charcol’s Ray Boulger.

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