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Life Saving Vaccines: Introduction (02:52)


Due to the necessity of the cold chain and other complications, vaccinations are difficult to transport to remote communities. Dr. Ciro de Quadros explains that vaccinations are made of living organisms which need to be kept cold or even frozen.

Traveling Vaccines (01:58)

Mozambique consists of a vast countryside which houses a multitude of rural villages; the cold chain is difficult to maintain in these remote regions. Due to a major health worker shortage, doctor visits these rural health posts once a month.

Pneumococcal Vaccine in Alaska (07:14)

In rural Alaska, Gina Carpenter and Tom Hennessy effectively eradicated pneumococcal disease among the Yupik Eskimos and other Alaskan Natives. The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine protects against the bacterial disease which causes illnesses such as pneumonia, meningitis, and blood poisoning.

Vaccination's Bright Future (07:15)

Julian Lob-Levyt travels through Africa to examine the cold chain operation; the GAVI Alliance promotes combination vaccines to ensure every child in developing countries is protected from preventable disease. Dr. S.S. Jadhav looks to a future of vaccination that is not dependent on the cold chain or injection.

Credits: Incredible Journeys (00:42)

Credits: Incredible Journeys

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The major challenge facing the modern world of vaccines is to get them to people right at the end of the line: those people who still don’t have access to effective treatment. It’s not always remote villages way out in the country; it can also be communities in some of the world’s massive slums. The problem is vaccines tend to be complex and sophisticated medicines. Many involve skilled disease diagnoses, difficult delivery systems like cold chains, trained staff to administer them and complex follow-ups and monitoring systems. This film looks at the physical difficulties and costs of getting vaccines to people in remote or forgotten places and people stuck in the middle of wars. The film follows Julian Lob-Levyt, head of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, on a field trip to Africa as he follows the journey of a consignment of vaccines from arrival to injection.

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