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Vaccine Inequality (03:47)


Immunization is the most effective way to eliminate preventable diseases; children in the developing world are 10 times more likely to die of such diseases than in the developed world. Dr. Ciro de Quadros, president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, explains the tremendous gap in vaccine availability.

Eradicating Preventable Diseases (03:24)

The world’s first vaccine was developed to defeat smallpox, but the World Health Organization was unable to eradicate the illness for many years. Vaccine manufacturers need a substantial market for development; poorer nations see high rates of diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, and measles.

Vaccination in Rural Areas (03:13)

Cameroon, West Africa houses many remote villages which are difficult to access for medical teams; vaccines that rely on cold preservation can easily be destroyed. Dr. Julian Lob-Levyt argues that every community must be linked to the national health system.

Queen Rania of Jordan (03:31)

The member of the GAVI Fund Board pushes for the success of the Global Vaccination Program. Lob-Levyt explains that in sub-Saharan Africa, the shortage of doctors and nurses further complicates immunization programs.

Vaccine Production (04:02)

The expense of creating new vaccines determines where they are available; this is why many developing countries are unable to thoroughly immunize their people without outside funding. Quadros argues the reduction of infectious disease will boost the economy in developing nations.

Breaking the Disease Cycle (02:06)

The GAVI Alliance works to raise millions of dollars for health initiatives and programs in developing countries. Lob-Levyt believes the funds will level the health gap between the rich and the poor.

Credits: An Injection of Hope (00:17)

Credits: An Injection of Hope

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This film explains where we stand with vaccines now. It gives the history of vaccines, the latest science, rising costs and finance, and the arguments and controversies. It touches on the history of vaccine development. What is a vaccine, how and why have they been successful, and what are the future challenges for both scientists and health systems in making vaccines even better? How important will be the part played by new technology? All these questions and more are asked and answered in this program. The sequences include our babies, new filming in laboratories and research centers. Archive includes rotavirus and why vaccines need to be tested on children in developing countries and how the first generation of vaccines weren’t effective and how vaccines are an important tool for social justice.

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