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Disease and Infertility (02:52)


Bacterium chlamydia trachomatis can lead to trachoma, which is spread by flies and is common in African countries, or chlamydia, the world's most common STD. Infertility due to chlamydia is spreading rapidly through Kosovo.

New Tests for Chlamydia (06:45)

Most women suffering from chlamydia do not show symptoms, but Dr. Helen Lee’s Cambridge rapid test is more than 90% accurate. False positives are often given at private clinics; doctors like Mary Packer hope to provide more accurate testing.

Trachoma (09:48)

In Tanzania, many people have trachoma, the second form of bacterium chlamydia trachomatis. This disease is spread by flies that lie in dung and then infect the eyes of villagers; a rapid test and a simple antibiotic are administered to fight the spread of the disease.

Credits: A Woman's Disease (00:18)

Credits: A Woman's Disease

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A Woman's Disease

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We see how easy-to-use field tests are being employed to hold back the spread of syphilis in Kosovo and trachoma in Tanzania. Both infections are caused by the same bacteria. In Tanzania it’s also regarded as a disease of the poorest of the poor and a disease especially of women and children. In Kosovo, a post-conflict country attempting to rebuild its future, there is a great need for much more education about syphilis—they don’t really have any proper infection rate statistics.

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