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Challenging the Disease (02:53)


In Vietnam, paragonimiasis disease is frequently contracted by young children who consume undercooked, parasitic mountain stream crabs. Dr. Loung ba Phu, from the Yen Bai Center for Parasitology, explains the parasites live within the lungs of the patient.

Victims of the Parasites (03:38)

A family grieves their young daughter who died of the parasitic disease in a remote village. Paragonimiasis is only one of many species of trematodes, but they are all spread through food consumption.

Children Catching Parasitic Crabs (06:09)

The cycle of infection begins with the young parasites which live in the mountain stream crab, the people eat the crab, defecate in the stream, and infect the water. The metacercariae is a dangerous, young fluke which travels through the stomach, into the intestine, and eventually lives within the lungs.

Dependence on Contaminated Food (04:17)

Dr. Trang Cong Dai, of the World Health Organization, has begun an educational campaign for remote villagers who often consume the crab as a protein supplement. WHO has also donated praziquantel for free treatment in Indonesia which will save many lives.

Misdiagnosed Paragonimiasis (03:54)

Trematodes are often misdiagnosed as Tuberculosis, and pulmonary TB treatments are much more expensive. Paragonimiasis, when correctly diagnosed, is cheaply and quickly exterminated; the Praziquantel program has already greatly reduced the prevalence of the illness.

Credits: The Deadly Trematodes (00:09)

Credits: The Deadly Trematodes

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The Deadly Trematodes

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Trematodes are tiny parasites that live for years in the liver, the lungs and even the brains of at least 40 million people worldwide. We get infected by eating freshwater fish and shellfish—and it’s very hard to detect and cure. Millions of dollars a year are wasted on treating the wrong disease. We travel to Vietnam to see how this disease is easily transmitted, especially to children.

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