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Preventable Rubella (02:35)


In the Dominican Republic many children are born deaf and suffer from learning disabilities due to congenital rubella syndrome. The disease goes unnoticed by pregnant mothers who do not feel the side effects, and have no access to the vaccine.

Contracting Rubella (03:27)

Rubella is an airborne virus contracted by inhalation. Victims suffer from mild side effects, but if a pregnant mother catches the virus her baby may have lifelong congenital rubella syndrome. The rubella vaccine is typically administered along with its close relatives measles and mumps.

PAHO's Elimination Plan (03:20)

The Pan American Health Organization plans a campaign to administer five million rubella vaccinations; they hope to eliminate the disease in the Americas. Dr. Christina Nogueira explains how they hope to immunize the entire population.

Eliminating the Disease (02:28)

The Serum Institute of India is waging war on congenital rubella syndrome with a live attenuated vaccine. In order to transport the vaccine, it must be lyophilization and kept chilled to remain safe and effective.

Children Affected by Rubella (04:28)

Two young children in a remote village in the Dominican Republic suffer from congenital rubella syndrome; the boy is left deaf while the girl is blind. As children, they serve as each other's eyes and ears, but as they grow they will be discriminated against for their disabilities.

Rubella Elimination Campaign Begins (03:22)

Dr. Bautista Rojas Gomez, the Dominican Republic’s Health Minister, speaks at the launch of the vaccination campaign. Rubella could be eliminated in several years through vaccinations.

Credits: Tomorrow's Children (00:08)

Credits: Tomorrow's Children

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We travel to Poona, India, where the very latest rubella vaccines are under development, and we find out about the new methods of delivery and production. We filmed in the Dominican Republic in Central America, where congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) is a major cause of disabilities. It’s estimated that if rubella were brought under control in the Dominican Republic, it would save the country $65 million. Rubella appears as a mild rash, but when caught by a pregnant woman, it has devastating consequences on the unborn child. With CRS, the child can end up deaf, partially blind and with heart and brain defects. In many poorer, developing countries, CRS is a major problem.

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