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China's Modern Health Epidemic (07:41)


China is home to 160 million hypertension patients due to its rapid modernization; Doctors like Yuqing Zhang fight to educate their patients about the dangers of high blood pressure, obesity, and hypertension. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in China.

High Blood Pressure in Scotland (03:29)

In Scotland high blood pressure has been a nationwide health problem for decades; Glasgow is traditionally a city full of heavy drinkers and unhealthy eaters, and is known as Europe’s heart disease capital. In Britain, one in five people have high blood pressure.

Reducing High Blood Pressure in China (04:27)

Most elderly Chinese people believe high blood pressure is a normal signal of old age, possibly due to the country's traditional foods which are high in fat and salt. Dr. Xiangli Liu explains her patients do not exercise or eat healthy foods; the Chinese government has been pushing for increased preventive care.

A Successful Patient (02:56)

Junyan Wong is a high blood pressure patient who has used a regime of frequent exercise, antihypertensive agents, and healthy eating to combat his illness. If hypertension is ignored it can lead to stroke, heart disease, or even kidney failure.

Credits: The Silent Killer (00:18)

Credits: The Silent Killer

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High blood pressure is one of the world’s growing killers—especially in countries like China, where Western diets and a growing lack of exercise are beginning to take their toll. We travel to Beijing to join Professor Liu Lisheng and her team at Fuwai Hospital, where they are treating more and more people for high blood pressure. The program also visits Scotland, where high blood pressure has long been a huge public health issue.

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