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The Race for a Vaccine: HIV AIDS (03:47)


Forty million people are living with HIV aids worldwide, but the international aids vaccine initiative hopes to create preventative care. Many people within the slums of Nairobi suffer from the disease and it’s stigma; anti-retroviral drugs only offer some relief for patients.

Studying the Sexually Transmitted Disease (05:17)

In Dr. Omu Anzala’s Majengo clinic he conducted a study among sex workers who had become resistant to the disease. Joining forces with Oxford University, Anzala is genetically mapping HIV and studying the immune systems of the local sex workers.

STDs in India (05:35)

In India, HIV/AIDS is rampant, according to Dr. Suniti Solomon who diagnoses an average ten infections per week. Cultural taboos surrounding sexual activity in India leads to frequent unprotected sex; an HIV vaccination is in the first trial phase.

An AIDS Free Future (04:17)

With the help of the Kenyan sex workers, scientists have created a safe, partially effective vaccination for the disease. Scientists believe a world without HIV/AIDS could become a reality; health professionals are recruiting volunteers to continue testing the preventative treatment.

Credits: The Race for a Vaccine (00:06)

Credits: The Race for a Vaccine

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The Race for a Vaccine

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A vaccine for HIV: it’s the glittering prize of drug R&D. In 1992, the U.S. government promised a vaccine within two years. Despite 25 years of research, no one has found it. But in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, they may have made a breakthrough that they hope will lead to the Holy Grail of vaccines.

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