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Saving Lives: Providing Pneumococcal Disease Prevention (03:19)


The epidemic of pneumococcal disease in developing countries has a solution, but in countries like Rwanda the government has been unable to provide the vaccine. The GAVI Alliance is working with the Rwandan minister of public health to eliminate pneumococcal disease.

Medical Treatment in Developing Countries (02:27)

Nigeria, unlike Rwanda, has no access to the pneumococcal vaccine; pharmaceutical companies typically sell new medical technology to the country offering the highest price. Andrew Jack of the Financial Times and Shanelle Hall of Unicef describe the global market failure.

Solving the Pneumococcal Problem (05:28)

Orin Levine goes to Nigeria to speak with local pediatricians about the need to a pneumococcal vaccine; Adegoke Falade explains developing countries need the vaccinations more due to lifestyle. The AMC initiative was made to appeal to profit driven companies and the nations.

Infant Death in sub-Saharan Africa (05:23)

Busayo Ogunbode’s baby suffered from pneumonia; she shares with Levine the story of her child’s premature death. The GAVI Alliance works with pharmaceutical companies to provide a stronger vaccine for developing countries.

Vaccine Availability (03:14)

Levine will continue visiting hospitals and gathering data for the future of GAVI’s AMC initiative. Availability of pneumococcal vaccination in developing countries could eradicate the deadly disease.

Credits: Saving Lives (00:13)

Credits: Saving Lives

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Saving Lives

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The developing world is soon set to get affordable vaccines and affordable drugs. A new international agreement is planning to fix the price of a drug or vaccine to make them affordable for some of the world’s poorest people. The agreement is between donors, drug companies and governments. Saving Lives travels to some of the countries where the agreement will make a massive impact, with the head of the organization promising such a radical reform. On the journey we find out whether the agreement is going to deliver on its promise, what the result will be, and how global health institutions and the big pharmaceutical companies managed to agree on such a deal.

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