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Cancer Treatment in Uganda (03:51)


In the developing world, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women, and Ugandan health campaigner, Sarah Nyombi, travels to the UK to learn about a new vaccine which prevents HPV.

Preventing Cervical Cancer in Uganda (08:28)

Dr. Aisha Jumaan of the PATH project is demonstrating to the Ugandan government ways in which to enable young women to receive the HPV vaccine. Female students at a remote, Ugandan school gleefully receive the vaccination, and their parents support it as well as parents in the UK.

Future Cancer Screenings (05:32)

Nyombi visits a center for free cervical cancer screening in a Ugandan hospital to explore the future of HPV testing in the developing world. The Ugandan Ministry of Health, along with the Ugandan Parliament, hopes to fund nationwide HPV vaccinations with the help of the GAVI Alliance.

Fighting for the Ugandan Women (02:58)

A conference on cervical cancer is being held at Oxford, and both Nyombi and Julian Lob-Levyt, CEO of the GAVI Alliance, are in attendance. The global financial crisis makes it difficult to distribute the HPV vaccine in Uganda.

Credits: The Real Lady Killers (00:18)

Credits: The Real Lady Killers

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In the developing world it’s the leading cause of female cancer deaths: it’s cervical cancer, and it kills more than half a million women every year—mostly in poor countries. New low-tech screening programs have begun to reduce cancer deaths, but campaigners like Sarah Nyombi, a politician in Uganda, wants to see more. She’s trying to get a brand new vaccine, widely used in the developed world. The trouble is, it costs $300 a shot—way beyond Uganda’s health budget. We follow her journey as she tries to find solutions in the battle against "the real lady killer."

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