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Invisible Lives: Reducing Infant Deaths (04:08)


Most infant deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, but Nepal and Malawi are reaching the millennium development goal of reducing infant deaths through preventative measures. Dr. Joy Lawn studies reduction of deaths among premature infants through Kangaroo Mother Care.

Increasing Infant Survival (04:46)

Small hospitals in Malawi, says Professor Moses Chirambo, are being equipped with medical professionals and midwives like Owen Gangata to decrease rates of disease and infant deaths. Traditional birth attendants are now illegal in the African country.

Infant Deaths in Nepal (05:08)

Lawn travels to the developing country of Nepal to study their methods of decreasing infant death rates; the three main causes of infant deaths are infection, premature birth, and birth complications. In Nepal, health services must be provided in the home in order to reduce premature fatalities.

Female Community Health Volunteers (05:11)

Mothers in remote villages are assisted in birth by health volunteers who attempt to steer new mothers away from Nepali birth traditions. Local health posts provide antibiotics to treat mild infections and utilize the Kangaroo Mother Care methods.

Impacting the World's Survival Rates (01:39)

Nepal and Malawi boast drastically increased survival rates among infants, and have established health systems that can be copied by the rest of the developing world.

Credits: Invisible Lives (00:23)

Credits: Invisible Lives

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Globally there are 3.8 million newborn deaths in the first month of life. Over 40 percent of under-5 deaths are newborn deaths. So how can these numbers be reduced? We go to Malawi and Nepal, who share the same statistics on newborn survival, to find out what is being done.

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