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Diabetes in African Countries (07:53)


Doctors like Chittaranjan Yajnik who are actively studying the causes of diabetes state the disease is partially genetic, environmental, and possibly viral. Type one diabetes cannot be prevented, but insulin is used to combat its effects. Twelve Million people have diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Diabetes in India (09:34)

India is considered the diabetes capital of the world due to high rates of the disease. Maternal obesity greatly increases an infant's likelihood of contracting type one diabetes, and type two later in life. An elderly man with type two diabetes describes how he lost his leg to his illness.

Diabetes Awareness (01:44)

In Africa on World Diabetes Day, local health clinics are giving free tests and hosting educational panels about the disease. Eva Muchemi celebrates the Ministry of Health’s decision to support diabetes awareness and care. In median and low-income cultures patients with type one diabetes only live for few months.

Credits: Bittersweet (00:10)

Credits: Bittersweet

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The world is facing a diabetes epidemic—with the disease linked to both genetic and lifestyle causes. India is set to become the diabetes capital of the world—with numbers set to double in a generation—while in Africa, efforts are still being made to deliver insulin some 90 years after it was discovered. We visit both India and Kenya to look at the problems and the solutions being offered.

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