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Identity: Finding India’s Cultural Identity (02:50)


In India’s capital of New Delhi, Anjan Sundaram asks passersby what it means to be Indian; a unified Indian identity came during the freedom struggle with the British. India gained independence from Great Britain in 1947.

Tribal Indian Identity (04:44)

Sundaram visits one of the one hundred million hunter-gatherer tribal communities in Nagaland. The Konyak Tribe, known as head-hunters, explain their unique cultural identity to Sundaram.

Ideology Along the Indian Border (06:44)

The village of Longwa is situated on the border of India and Myanmar, creating a distinct cultural identity. The border does not serve to separate the two different people groups, but they function as one village.

Naga or Indian? (04:09)

India absolved Nagaland, creating one of the world's largest separatists movements; the Nagas believe they are distinctly different from Indians. During the insurgency, many rebel separatists and Indian soldiers have been killed.

Royalty in Northern India (09:12)

Before India became a republic it was split into the 550 Princely States of India, and the people of the remote district of Chuda were the subjects of a king. When India gained independence, most kingdoms chose to secede to India, removing the royal families from power.

Creating new Indian States (06:26)

Now the socialist, secular, democratic republic of India houses many cultures and is split into twenty-nine states. The newest state is known as Telangana and was once part of Andhra Pradesh, and an economist explains it made separate for geographical, historical, and cultural reasons.

Freedom of Speech in India (03:15)

The old Indian traditions are being extorted by power-hungry politicians. India has a long history of communal riots, and at least two incidents of religious violence occur per-day challenging democracy in every public sector.

Handling Fundamentalism in India (06:14)

Democracy is complex in India, and group such as the RSS, a right-wing Hindu nationalist association, are fighting for a Hindu-fundamentalist nation. Sundaram says the Indian people choose their national identity.

Credits: Identity (00:33)

Credits: Identity

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The Indian republic seems to be a remote concept in some parts of the country. In this episode, Anjan travels across India to understand the concept of being Indian by meeting erstwhile kings, separatists and head-hunting tribes who are redefining what it means to be Indian.

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