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Indian Patriarchy (01:47)


Despite the rise in education and laws passed to protect Indian women, patriarchal khap panchayats continue to make village decision in rural northern India.

Meeting with the Khaps (09:03)

Sundaram sits in on a khap meeting in northern India; men in the panchayat assemble to make political and personal village decisions. One third of the women in India are illiterate, even with the rise in education.

Defying the Indian Patriarchy (02:44)

Honor is very important to the khaps who sometimes secretly order honor killings to maintain their authority and order within the caste system. A young woman shares the story of her husband's murder.

Killing for the Patriarchy (02:28)

Sundaram speaks with a khap panchayat leader whose clan was accused of an honor killing, and he claims his enemies are Indian people who have become westernized. According to the khap leader, seventeen members of the Indian Parliament are khaps.

Consequences of Male Preference (05:33)

In Uttar Pradesh, which Sundaram refers to as the Indian "Wild West," he studies how the men cope with the shortage of females in India. He goes to a seedy motel with two brothers who drink and watch pornography in the evenings instead of seeking female companionship.

A Generation Without Girls (05:36)

India placed a ban on sex-selective abortions, but many women are forced to undergo the procedures if their families discover their fetus is female. A young woman describes how her mother-in-law and husband forced her to abort her unborn daughter.

Discovering Silent Sexism (04:36)

Sundaram joins a sting operation to uncover a thriving black market of gender-determining ultrasounds and sex-elective abortions. A local journalist states the purchasing power of the new middle class allows for archaic religious and cultural beliefs to become reality.

Finding a Wife in India (05:15)

A third of marriages in India are arranged by professional matchmakers or by families. Sundaram and the bachelors go to a matchmaking appointment, but the database consists mostly of men. Many families still wish for their children to marry within their own caste.

Mistreatment of Indian Wives (03:18)

Marital traditions in India have changed due to gender imbalance, and certain villages have horrific cases of wife-sharing. A young wife shares her experience of forced sexual relations with her many brothers-in-law.

Feminism in Delhi (06:23)

In Delhi, new laws have been passed to protect women and change the city’s reputation as India’s rape capital. Sundaram meets female cab driver Sunita who fights for women’s rights and helps them return home safely at night; Sunita defends herself with karate, and the cab company keeps careful watch over her throughout her shift.

Credits: The Great Indian Male (00:31)

Credits: The Great Indian Male

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Shocking acts of violence have put India’s gender issues in the spotlight, often demonizing Indian men. In this episode, Anjan Sundaram travels to the most patriarchal areas of the country to understand the Indian male psyche and how it affects relationship with women.

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