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A Sacred Calling (05:36)


Eighteen Indian states have banned cow slaughter. Pathmeda, home to one of the country’s largest cow protection groups, hosts a cow sanctuary that cares for the cow; it utilizes all the cow produces while alive, creating cleaning products and paper from its excrement and urine.

Caring for the Cows (03:44)

Sundaram goes with a cow ambulance called to save an injured cow; the bovine is moved to a cow hospital. Extreme cow protectors believe the earth would be ruined if they kill the cow goddesses.

Eating Beef in India (04:35)

In Mumbai, India's financial capital, a beef ban has been put into place; Sundaram surveys how the ban on cow slaughter has affected the local economy. Many slaughterhouses primarily butcher buffalo as a beef replacement.

Depression Among Indian Farmers (08:03)

The beef ban has increased the rate of farmer suicides across India. Sundaram speaks with local farmers and cow owners.

Cows and Their Farmers (07:11)

Remote villages house the majority of the Indian population. Cow protectors alter the cow’s appearances before selling them to the local farmers.

Protecting the Rarest Cows (04:14)

A prominent cow protector and manager of a cow sanctuary explains to Sundaram that the condition of the cows is the condition of India. He states the beef industry is slaughtering the mother goddess.

Utilizing Cow By-Products (03:25)

Sundaram continues speaking with the cow protector who describes his routine of bathing in cow by-products including cow dung and urine. He plans to help farmers supplement their income by creating high-end products from their cows.

India's Leather Industry (06:17)

While investigating those affected by the beef ban, Sundaram looks at the billion-dollar Indian leather industry and the salt industry.

Fighting for Animal Rights (03:08)

Sundaram speaks with an animal rights activist who is fighting for the sacred cows now left scavenging through the garbage in New Delhi. The sacred cow goddesses are not natural scavengers, and they now have plastic in their stomach linings.

Credits: The Sacred Cow (00:28)

Credits: The Sacred Cow

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The Sacred Cow

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There are one-and-a-half billion cattle on the planet, but not one of them stirs such passionate feelings as the Indian cow. In this episode, Anjan Sundaram explores how the cow has become idolized and politicized by the country’s Hindu right-wing groups, with devastating consequences to some of India’s communities.

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