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Godmen: Modern Guru’s (03:05)


During his first stop in Delhi, Anjan Sundaram examines how godmen are now modernizing their faith in order to recruit young people. A young woman says her guru helps her have a better understanding of life and fine tunes her mind and body.

Seeking Mental and Physical Health (02:02)

Guru’s strive to lead religious followers through the trials of modern life. "Speaking Tree" provides thousands of people with material catering to most audiences. The editor of the largest English language newspaper in India notes the stigma surrounding self-help in the country.

India’s Religious Economy (03:20)

Sundaram travels to one of India’s holiest Hindu sites, Haridwar, where he is approached by many con men on the street. These fake-godmen are surviving off of the thriving Indian faith industry alongside the River Ganga.

Following Baba Ramdev (03:01)

Attending a high-performance yoga workshop led by the elusive Baba Ramdev, Sundaram finds it challenging to keep up with the guru’s most dedicated followers. Ramdev claims his yoga can cure a wide variety of ailments.

Televised World-Wide Religion (03:55)

The Austar Network brings the faith and teachings of over fifty gurus, including Baba Ramdev into the homes of millions of eager followers. The religions broadcast on the network range from Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and beyond; each episode is subject to strict quality control checks.

Baba Ramdev’s Health Seekers (03:21)

Ramdev, the guru known for yoga, is head of the equivalent of a three million dollar empire. Along with spiritual council, alternative healthcare seekers flock to his expansive compound.

Baba Ramdev’s Medical Clinic (05:08)

Chief Medical Officer of the Nature Cure and Yoga Center Dr. Neeraj, assesses Sundaram’s digestive, sexual, and mental health in order to provide him with the best alternative medical cures for his ailments.

Calling the Godmen (07:25)

India’s faith industry promises miracle cures for every problem people face, but almost every Baba requires their subjects to pay large sums of money before receiving these supposed miracles. Sundaram visits a Baba-lady who draws huge crowds from her village.

Rationalism in Modern India (03:13)

Sundaram meets with a rationalist group in Bangalore who explain to him their desire for an anti-superstition law so violent crimes cannot legally be committed under religious authority. Several rationalists deemed dangerous have been assassinated by godmen or the Hindu-right.

Interview With Baba Ramdev (06:59)

Ramdev’s success allows him to attain state security and limited public access; Anjan is finally able to go on a press tour with the guru. Ramdev’s large swathe of land is the home to schools as well as the health clinic and housing for his followers.

Explaining Sensational Religion (05:23)

Rationalist Dr. Narendra Nayak gives talks in school and communities to train the Indian people to question the magic tricks godmen pass off as miracles.

Credits: Godmen (00:31)

Credits: Godmen

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For thousands of years the Gurus of India have sat between men and the gods to make the divine familiar to the masses. In this episode, Anjan Sundaram explores the world of spiritual gurus in India to see the way these men are changing the way Indians practice their faith.

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