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Introduction: Teen Sleep (03:00)


Michael Gradisar expresses concern that teen sleep deprivation is being ignored by society; the adolescent mind is wired to stay up late, sleep in, and sleep more. Several teens from different social groups and lifestyles are recruited for a study on sleep.

Internal Temperature Study (03:14)

Dr. Sarah Blunden explains the prefrontal cortex is unable to regulate well if sleep deprived; Jessica is unable to function normally throughout her school day. Naomi Rogers describes the body’s melatonin regulation and Rob Duffield has Jessica and her mother swallow microprocessors.

Melatonin Production and Adolescent Growth (02:41)

Teenagers produce more melatonin for longer, and the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which controls the release of the chemical, is delayed. Dr. Rob Duffield explains if adolescents have no sleep, then no growth hormones can be produced.

Functioning While Sleep Deprived (03:20)

Sleep deprivation can jeopardize a person’s future because it leads to a bad memory and poor brain function. Blunden recruits the three band mates into a study on the connection of sleep to mental and physical function.

Sleep Study (04:48)

Blunden tests the band on abstract thinking, short term memory, and reaction speed when they have been sleep deprived, and again after a restful weekend. Higher, disrupted levels of melatonin and lower serotonin levels lead to high risk of depression.

Sleep Disorders and Education (07:32)

Some Australian schools opted to begin school later in the day to fight adolescent sleep deprivation; environment and biology are stacked heavily against teenagers. Many young people, like Simone, now suffer from delayed sleep phase disorder.

Credits: The Science of Teens (00:31)

Credits: The Science of Teens

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In this episode of Whatever! The Science of Teens, host Steve Cannane discovers that teen brains are wired to stay up late, sleep in, and sleep more. But over a million Australian adolescents are struggling with this basic human process. With the assistance of five teen night owls we discover why, and what can be done to help them. We uncover the biological basis for adolescent sleep problems, undertake a series of tests to determine the damage sleep deprivation has on teenagers, and join one teen who tries to restart her body clock using bright light therapy.

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