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Controlling Invasive Species (02:26)


Thirty seven invasive species identified in Europe are threatening the survival of native species. Plants, animals, and invertebrates are all invasive species.

Mutjac Deer (06:04)

This invasive species, which originated from China can attain very high densities in the wooded regions on Europe which threatens the native plants, animals, and invertebrates. They destroy vegetation, disrupt traffic flow, and threaten other animal health.

Clams and Plants (06:54)

Japanese knotweed has roots extending beyond seven meters threatening infrastructure, private properties, and native plants. Zebra muscles and Asian clams are notorious aquatic invasive species that filter waters for nutrients which impacts the survival of native species. The rhizomes of winter heliotrope allow for rapid spreading and herbicides are used to control their impact.

Understanding History Through Genetics (01:47)

Genetic analysis determines all of the genetic information of an individuals and their ancestry. Immigration altered the genetic make up of the Irish population.

Ash Die Back Disease (06:07)

This invasive fungus threatens ash trees of Ireland and even the national sport of hurling. Ash trees are exposed to the disease and resistant tress are propagated for improved survival of native ash trees.

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Invasive Species (00:30)

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Invasive Species

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Invasive species are a threat to the planet’s environment and biodiversity, wreaking havoc on a country’s native flora and fauna, so what is Irish science doing to stop the aliens invading Ireland? Jonathan puts on his night vision goggles to stalk Muntjac Deer, the little Bambis with an ASBO who are wreaking havoc on our environment and are being blamed for thousands of road accidents in the UK. With the first sightings of Muntjac reported in Ireland earlier this year, Prof Jaimie Dick from Queen’s University Belfast is trying to take decisive action before they overwhelm the whole island… but their approach is not without its own controversy! Kathriona takes to the waters of Lough Key to see how Dr Frances Lucy and her team of IT Sligo researchers are making impressive breakthroughs in ridding our waterways of Asian Clams and Zebra Mussels which have the ability to alter the food web and compete with native species. Chalara Disease (Ash Dieback) is a serious threat to our native Ash trees. Aoibhinn meets Teagasc’s Gerry Douglas to see how Irish researchers are working to save our precious ash trees using DNA markers and hybrid breeding programmes. And in Weird Science, Fergus highlights Irish research that is challenging us to think, do we really know who we are?

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