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Smart Cities (04:33)


Smarter living depends on a connection grid to link people, power, and things. Amsterdam is a smart city; a city that uses technologies wireless networks and apps to improve quality of life. Electric transport has increased energy consumption and quality of life.

Smart Grids and Electric Cars (05:44)

A smart grid creates a system where the generation, transport, and consumption of power is linked intelligently. Solar, wind, and tidal are alternatives to fossil fuels. Electric cars are at the forefront of innovation for smart living and sustainable energy.

Smart Homes (05:14)

Kathriona Devereux interviews Paul Kenny who explains the advantages and disadvantages to modern heat pumps. Devereux tours the modern amenities of the smart house from kitchen appliances, robotic window cleaners, and centralized wiring.

Internet of Cows (01:40)

Standing heat is the time when a cow is most fertile and the best time for artificial insemination; however, heat usually beings at night and the timing of insemination can impact the sex of the offspring. Pedometers track steps to determine the height of heat, while Moo Call turns a cow's tail into a radio transmitter during the calf birthing process.

Sub-Sea Cable Repair (05:53)

Jonathan McCrea explores the world of underwater cables that provide power and connection to many islands. Patrick O'Rourke explains the process of locating the fault in a cable, fixing the fault, and the impact innovation is having on cable management.

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Smarter Living (00:41)

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 2): Smarter Living

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Reliance on fossil fuels is over. We have entered an era of smarter, greener, more connected living and Ireland’s smart grid is absolutely key to the homes, transport, and communications networks of the future! Aoibhinn travels to Amsterdam, one of the world’s smartest cities to find out how they are aiming to electrify their entire transport network by 2025. Back in Ireland, she test drives the new Tesla eCar and meets ESB’s Paul Mulvaney to discuss the current status in Ireland with regard to electric transport, smart technology infrastructure, and Ireland’s Smart Grid. Kathriona visits one of Ireland’s smartest homes and finds out about some of the latest smart house technologies, and we have all heard about the Internet of Things… but how about the Internet of Cows? In Weird Science, Fergus takes to the farm to find out more. Connectivity is crucial to the functioning of the smart grid, but, with some of the most important power and information cables buried deep at sea, what happens if they need fixing? Jonathan meets Patrick O’Rourke and gets into a deep-sea diving suit and goes underwater to investigate the world’s first subsea cable repair…

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