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Problems With Plastic (05:17)


Kathriona Devereux introduces the magnitude of our oceans and the impact that synthetic microplastics have on the health of aquatic organisms, ecosystems, and humans. Recycling, legislation, and proper processing of plastics could reduce the impact of plastics on marine systems.

Unsafe Water (06:30)

Humans are 60-70 percent water and Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain explores cryptosporidium, a pathogen found in water, food, and soil that leads to illness and even death. New detection and treatment techniques are being developed to irradiate cryptosporidium in Ireland and around the world.

Life Without Light (01:55)

Black smokers are vents on the seabeds and release metals and salts into sea water. Bacteria around these vents convert salt-rich fluid into sugars by a process known as chemosynthesis.

Fresh Water Ecosystems (07:45)

Jonathan McCrea explores fresh water pearl mussel which are filter feeders sensitive to changes in their ecosystems. Juvenile mussels have low survival rates due to excess plant nutrients, changes in drainage, and sediment influence the quality of the water.

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Water (00:36)

Credits:10 Things to Know About (Series 1): Water

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Water is something we often take for granted, but it is a hugely valuable resource that plays a vital part in every aspect of our lives…

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