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"Debate Housekeeping" (03:34)


Moderator John Donvan outlines the debate format on four resolutions regarding Trump's first 100 days in office and introduces panel members: Slate Chief Political Correspondent Jamelle Bouie, Eurasia Group Founder and President Ian Bremmer, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, and author Jennifer Rubin.

Resolution: America First is a Sound Policy Direction (07:02)

The panelists declare whether they agree or disagree with the motion and provide supporting statements.

America First Origins (06:54)

Kobach and Lowry agree that the meaning of the phrase is different than it was in the 1930s; Rubin cites examples of "knowing what he means" and argues Trump is not following the premise. Bremmer stresses the debate is on the soundness of policy direction; Bouie believes the soundness depends on historical meaning.

Contradictions and National Interest (09:37)

Bremmer and Lowery discuss unilateralism and free trade. Kobach states that Trump is willing to project American power internationally. Bouie reiterates America First has historical meaning; Rubin argues that Trump uses the phrase as an invective. Audience members vote.

Resolution: Trump is Good for the Economy (07:56)

The panelists declare whether they agree or disagree with the motion and provide supporting statements.

Stock Market Investors (07:37)

Bouie states investors are concerned with short-term economic prospects; Lowry believes part of the market rally was "relief." Rubin argues that Trump is unable to deliver on large legislative projects; Kobach disagrees with Rubin.

Economic Policy (08:07)

Lowry cites examples of presidential policy pursuit; Bouie is skeptical of the Trump Administration's ability to deliver legislation. Kobach considers what "good for the economy" means; Rubin rebuts his comments on illegal immigrants. Audience members vote.

Resolution: Trump Picked a Terrific Team (06:39)

The panelists declare whether they agree or disagree with the motion and provide supporting statements.

White House Team (09:21)

Kobach discusses "district shopping" for litigation and criticism of people like Steve Bannon. Lowry believes the team is getting better. Bremmer cites the difficulties Rex Tillerson encounters. Rubin considers issues with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Panelists argue about conflicts of interest and the travel ban.

Executive Orders and Appointments (07:38)

Lowry places responsibility for the healthcare bill on Paul Ryan; Bouie questions why advisors did not caution Trump about the course of action. Kobach cites Trump's decision to make significant changes in government. Rubin considers the lack of a vetting process for White House appointees. Audience members vote.

Resolution: Press is Out to Get Trump (06:16)

The panelists declare whether they agree or disagree with the motion and provide supporting statements.

Mainstream Media (07:55)

Bouie considers the actions of the press in terms of presidential perspective. Bremmer considers media bias. Kobach states that the media views Trump as a threat; he manipulates the press better than any other president in the modern media era. Rubin cites Fox News as an example of supporting Trump.

Media Relationship (08:39)

Rubin agrees the media helped Trump during his campaign, but it is not helping him now. Bouie states that Trump's behavior justifies a somewhat antagonistic response; Lowry sees a love/hate relationship. Bremmer cites Trump's use of social media; Kobach argues Trump's continued use. Audience members vote.

Debate Conclusion (05:45)

Donvan thanks participants and shares the results of a debate Robert Rosencrantz attended in London about Trump making America great again. Panelists reflect on the arguments presented during the debate.

Voting Results (01:29)

Resolution One: 17% swing to yes. Resolution Two: 2% swing to no. Resolution Three: 2% swing to no. Resolution Four: 6% to yes

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The first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency proved tumultuous and controversial, dividing Americans into supporters and critics. Four subjects in particular drew attention: President Trump's "America First" policy, and what it meant to different people; the Trump administration's impact on the stock market and economy; the team of advisers Trump assembled to guide him; and whether the media and the president treated each other fairly. In four "mini-debates," each of these subjects is discussed and analyzed.

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