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Training Memory (06:03)


Nelson Dellis is a USA Memory Champion. Dellis climbs mountains to raise awareness for Alzheimer's.

Creating Concepts (07:30)

Human brains are designed to code objects and spatial environments. Memorization is easier when information has meaning.

Creating a Prayer Wheel (07:10)

Memorization is possible through elaborate encoding. Visual language aids in memory consolidation.

Counting to 10 (07:56)

Narrative gives abstractions meaning. An internal directory enhances memory retrieval.

Visual Space (04:49)

Visualizing a memory palace is a form of elaborate encoding. Anchor points act like data storage sites.

In the First Place (06:09)

Nelson Dellis walks the audience through a memory palace. Chunking improves recollection.

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The Memorist (The Memory Palace)

Part of the Series : Brainwave: Illusion
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Do you want to be able to remember names at parties? Or where you last left your car keys? Or memorize The Wasteland? Attend this training by USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis who will convert the whole museum into a "memory palace", a powerful mental device that the ancient Greeks employed to remember oratory as well as shopping lists. Employing exotic fragrances to help anchor your memorization, and magical illusions to test them, this will be unlike any other museum experience you have ever had. With Lila Davachi & Todd Gureckis from the Center for Neural Science & Center for Brain Imaging at New York University.

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