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Childlike Wonder (05:30)


Magician Joshua Jay explains the "theory of astonishment." Children are the hardest audience to fool.

Trizonal Space Warp (07:12)

Neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde talks about working with magicians. An illusion is a cognitive perception that does not match the physical world. Understanding the neural basis of magic tricks will lead scientists to further discoveries.

Looking Without Seeing (07:27)

Stereoscopic cues allow human eyes to perceive three dimensions. Illusions take place in memory and attention centers of the brain.

I Know What I Saw (07:59)

The audience views videos demonstrating change blindness. Magic is the conflict between what we see and what we know.

Visual Tests (08:05)

The audience performs a task to measure their awareness. Humans have evolved to separate attention and visual field.

Deceptive Attention (06:07)

Deception has played a role in the evolution of our visual system. Neuroscientist Stephen Macknik measures neurons as they pay attention.

Modeling the Brain (02:05)

Focus activates inhibitory neurons, suppressing distractions. Multi-tasking means switching attention quickly.

Zombie Behaviors (04:41)

Performing magic feels like multitasking. Automatic behavior does not require attentional resources.

Supernatural Occurrences (06:32)

Science and magic use methods to overcome common sense. "The Discoverie of Witchcraft" exposed magicians in the Middle Ages.

Pretending to Throw a Ball (04:45)

People with autism may be hyper-focused or unable to participate in joint attention. Our visual cortex responds to implied motion.

Cognitive Dissonance (07:35)

Magicians are adapting to technological advances. Misdirection works outside the brain's visual system.

Guarding an Empty Safe (05:58)

Scientists are just beginning to understand how emotion and attention interact. The greatest magicians of all time permeated culture.

Applause and Gifts (03:32)

Tibetan Khatas are presented to Martinez-Conde, Jay, and Macknick in gratitude. An audience member wins tickets to Jules Fisher.

Pick a Card (07:13)

Joshua Jay engages the audience in a card trick. Magic looks different in different countries.

Inside the Glass (04:49)

Joshua Jay continues his card trick. He worked with the College of Magic in Cape Town.

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Neuroscientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde are the founders of the exciting new discipline of NeuroMagic and authors of Sleights of Mind. With Joshua Jay, the recipient of the 2011 Society of American Magicians' Magician of the Year award, they discuss how deception is an essential part of our consciousness and examine the science of our (in)attention.

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